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Butt Videos

Each of these videos has been carefully crafted and meticulously designed to rearrange the neurons in your brain so that you will accept only commands from your new zombie robot overlor... I mean... to make you think about butts. Yeah, that's it.
If you like these, you can see many more on the Fix My Brother's Butt YouTube Channel.

Butt Dino 3

The giant frickin' dinosaur has been stalking me and insisting I post his videos on this website. Click these links for his first and second videos. This is his third video, in which he kindly refrains from eating everyone and instead makes an offer to those who donate to the Butt Fund.

Butt Fireworks

This video tells the tale of how my brother's butt got injured in his original surgery. We may have taken some artistic license with the details.


An introduction to FixMyBrothersButt.com and its first video.

For many many more videos, visit the Fix My Brother's Butt YouTube Channel!

Butt Friends

These videos are of my friends and of fans of this website who have agreed to help out in their own special ways. If you'd like to help out with a video of your own, post it online and either send me an e-mail with a link to it or post it as a response to one of the videos on this page.

My Butt

Yeah, that's right! You know you want it. This serves as my proof that I am by no means above flaunting my own posterior to get my brother's butt fixed. I'll do whatever it takes. Does this make me my own butt friend? Awkward...

Booty Dance

One of my friends' kids did this booty dance as her contribution to FixMyBrothersButt.com


Another of my friends' kids kindly made this video for FixMyBrothersButt.com. Sadly, I haven't gotten any of their parents to join in yet, the wusses. That's right, I'm talking to you!

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